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titles, business and personal

Capitalize if the title appears before a name. Lowercase when used after a name. Executive Director of Personnel Susan Schmidt attended the workshop. Claire Moynahan is the associate editor.

For Adelphi alumni, we list the degrees and years received: Sarah Goldstein ’88, MA ’90, PhD ’95. For non-alumni, we include doctoral degrees only: Amir Patel, PhD

On first reference, use full name, degree and graduation years (if applicable) and title. Thereafter, use last name only for those who have not earned doctoral degrees and Dr. for those who have: Rick Garcia ’18 worked with Associate Professor Gail Chen, PhD, on her research. Garcia said working with Dr. Chen was a life-changing experience. 

Use freshman or first-year student, sophomore, junior or senior when referring to a student who has not graduated. We do not use anticipated years of graduation unless using the name as a writer byline on the Adelphi news site or in a print publication: by Lucy Considine ’22 (anticipated).


Christine M. Riordan should be referred to as President Christine M. Riordan, President Riordan, Christine M. Riordan, Ph.D., or Dr. Riordan.

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