alumni class years

Use the following forms for undergraduate class year: Peter Rodgers ’03.

The direction of the apostrophe when used with class years is always a single closed quotation mark.

Only Adelphi University graduates are identified by two-digit abbreviated years.

For alumni with a degree higher than a bachelor’s, use a comma after the name and after the degree. Ann Brown, M.A. ’08, and John Petrov ’83, M.B.A. ’85. The same rule applies for non-Adelphi graduates.

Use freshman, sophomore, junior or senior when referring to a student who has not graduated.

List the name of an earlier graduate first when listing two or more alumni.

It is OK to list the graduation year only once for couples who graduated the same year. Chris and Christina Smith ’03.

If a couple is married and graduated in different years, list the earlier graduate first and the class year after each name. Chris ’02 and Christina Smith ’03.

Two or more alumni from the same family can be referred to with full names and dates of graduation following each name. Siblings Georgette Smith ’89, Josephine Jones ’91 and Michael Smith ’93 wore pink in honor of breast cancer awareness.

See also: alumni.

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