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Only proper nouns should be capitalized. Avoid capitalizing other words unless they are part of a company or organization’s name. If there is no listing in this style guide for a particular word or phrase, consult The Associated Press Stylebook and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

The, a or an are never capitalized unless they are part of a name.

Capitalize Adelphi University’s majors, minors, programs of study, departments or offices when referring to an official title. Valerie is majoring in biology. The Department of Art and Art History is hosting an event. She is pursuing a BS in Chemistry.

On second reference, College, School and Institute (e.g., Derner) should be capitalized when referring to Adelphi’s academic units.

On forms, it is acceptable to capitalize all words, even if they are not proper nouns. Just be consistent.

See also: building and room names, bullets, certificates, civic titles, commencement, corporate titles and offices, course names, degrees, academic, departments and offices, directions and regions, governmental bodies, headlines, hyphen, hyphens in titles, Internet, lists, majors, minors, months, names of organizations, names of people, programs, room numbers, seasons, semesters, Social Security number, titles, business and personal, Visa, Web and ZIP codes.

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