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Alphabetize letter by letter and up to the first comma that is not part of a series. Spaces, hyphens, apostrophes, slashes and the letters that follow them are considered part of one word. For example:

left, far
left, radical
left field
leftism and the 1980s
left wing

Initials in personal names are used in place of a given name if they come before any name beginning with the same letter:

Smith, C. Michael
Smith, G. Thomas
Smith, Sally
Smith, Susie

Alphabetize acronyms by letter, and alphabetize numbers as if they were spelled out. Accented or other specially treated letters—such as those with umlauts— should be alphabetized as though unaccented.

Treat personal names containing particles such as de, la, di, la, von, van and saint on a case-by-case basis, because spacing after such elements varies according to personal preference. Alphabetize M’, Mc or Mac letter by letter—not as though the M’ or Mc were an abbreviation for Mac.

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