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Spell out and capitalize avenue, street, building, boulevard, lane, court, parkway, expressway, place, road, square and terrace when they are part of an address or name. When they stand alone or are used collectively following two or more proper nouns, lowercase: First and Second avenues. When space is limited and the street number is listed, it is OK to abbreviate avenue, boulevard, etc., but never in running text: 123 West Main St., Garden City, NY 11530. Turn right at South Avenue.

Capitalize and spell out building when it is part of a proper noun, but not when it stands alone or is used collectively: the State Tower Building, the Empire State and Chrysler buildings.

Distinguish whether it is a phone or fax number, but not an email or web address. Emails, phone numbers, including extensions (ext. 0000), and URLs are always bold in publications. For consistency, use these terms in the same order throughout the document. Fax is used to distinguish from a telephone number.

It is unnecessary to indicate telephone, email or website with these elements.

The correct form of return address for most general usages is as follows:

Adelphi University
One South Avenue
P.O. Box 0701
Garden City, NY 11530-0701

See also: ZIP Codes.

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